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The Law Office of Louiza Tarassova P.A. has an attorney dedicated to providing legal services in Family Law.  Our Orlando based divorce attorney provides reliable and aggressive representation to achieve our clients’ goals. We always provide personal care and attention to every aspect of your case until it is resolved.

Contested Divorce

A situation where the husband and wife do not agree on all aspects of the divorce, including for example; how property should be divided, how much child support will be contributed and by whom, whether alimony should be paid, how much time each parent will spend with the children, and all other points of contention. Our philosophy on handling contested divorces is to be as economical as possible with both our client’s time and money.

From our perspective, divorces should not cost tens of thousands of dollars and take years to resolve. We work diligently to keep the process moving and always attempt to settle the matter to avoid unnecessary expenses. But, if the trial is necessary, we will take your case to trial  zealously advocate for you in court.

Uncontested Divorce

If you are in a situation where you and your spouse agree on all aspects of the divorce, this is the way to go. Both parties collaborate on putting together a contract which memorializes their agreement on issues such as; child timesharing, alimony (if any), child support, the division of property, etc. Once an agreement is signed, the attorney submits all required paperwork to the court. There is one short hearing which at least one party must attend at which time the judge makes the divorce final. We encourage every couple contemplating divorce to think about whether they can come to an agreement with their spouse. The uncontested divorce process is a much simpler and far cheaper option for both parties. Another benefit is that this is the least stressful way to bring a marriage to a close. Our rates for uncontested divorces are simple and fair and most importantly they are usually a flat fee.

Modification of Court Orders

In Florida, if you have a significant change in circumstances, you have the right to petition the court to modify its prior family law order. Whether you are ordered to pay child support or alimony, have more ability to spend time with your children, or need to change other aspects of a final order due to a change in your life, our law firm can help you.

Many times a parent who has lost his or her job cannot afford to pay the same amount of child support or alimony, but unless that person has an order that modifies their payment, they cannot legally stop paying the support. The consequences of not paying alimony or child support are great and you may be liable for all back support (arrears). Therefore, if you have a significant change in circumstances you should petition the court for a modification. Our law firm can help you with most issues you want to modify from your divorce, paternity, or any other family related case.

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