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Criminal Attorney of Central Florida

Our attorney at The Law Office of Louiza Tarassova P.A. represents clients that have been arrested and charged with criminal matters such as drug possession, DUI, probation violations, theft, and federal crimes. We defend our clients’ constitutional rights and seek justice in the courtroom. From arrest to trial we aggressively fight to defend our clients against wrongful accusations, lack of evidence, illegal search and seizures and police misconduct. Our attorneys are committed to providing attentive and effective legal representation. Call us today for a FREE consultation with our Orlando Criminal Attorney.


Our DUI attorney specializes and defending clients against charges of driving under the influence. Our law firm understands that every case has different circumstances and we every client has the right to be individualized representation. Being arrested for a DUI is a scary experience and can have serious consequences if not handled by an experienced attorney. Our attorney has prosecuted DUI’s on behalf of the government. Now she uses her knowledge and experience working as a prosecutor to defend our clients charged with driving under the influence. Call us today for a FREE consultation with our Orlando DUI Attorney.

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