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Children Time Sharing and Orlando Child Custody Attorney

In Florida, each parent has the right to share the joys and responsibilities with their children. This means that each parent is presumed to be entitled to equal time sharing with their children. But the court will also consider each family’s circumstances and determine what is in the best interest of the child. Being represented by an attorney will help you present your case to the judge. You only have one opportunity to make your case and our attorney will help you do that the best way possible.

The Law Office of Louiza Tarassova, P.A. wants to see the children of our community happy and healthy. We love representing parents who are working on establishing or reestablishing their relationships with their children. Whether it’s reuniting children with their parents or ensuring a stable environment for young children to grow up in, we love being there for your family. Turn to our law office when looking for an Orlando Child Custody Attorney.

Establishing Paternity

In a case where the father wants to establish his paternity and exercises his right to spend time and have a relationship with his child/children, the court must establish his paternity. A court order is necessary to enforce the father’s rights.

Even if you have worked out a visitation schedule with your child’s mother, you should still get a court order which solidifies your rights as the father. In Florida, both parents are presumed to have the right to spend equal time with their children and share in the joys and responsibilities of being a parent. A court order protects those rights.

Disestablishing Paternity

In Florida, a man does not have an obligation to pay child support if he is not the biological father, adoptive father or signed a contract to support that child. If you are being sued for child support and you do not believe you are the biological father and qualify under the statutory criteria, you can legally disestablish your paternity and receive a court order stating that you are not financially or otherwise responsible.

Even in cases where the man is married to the woman and is the “legal father” he can disestablish his paternity. Our firm handles cases where men are being sued for child support but believe they are not biologically related and fit under all other requirements.

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