Top 3 Cosmetic Procedures Not to Get


As a Cosmetic Procedure Injury Attorney, I see a lot of scary cases related to cosmetic procedures, plastic surgery, and cosmetic products. Not every situation or injury means that a particular procedure is bad, per se. But, there are three procedures that as a lawyer who works on these cases day in and day out, I can say I personally would not do based on what I know about them through my work. 

My TOP 3 Cosmetic Procedures Not to Get

1. CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a procedure that works by “freezing” fat tissue (and whatever else happens to be in the area) hoping to trigger the fat cells to die off with time. The device works by sucking up the tissue with a vacuum-like applicator and cooling it down to a low temperature. The problem with CoolSculpting is that it can cause a serious condition called Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia or PAH. PAH results in the opposite effect of what CoolSculpting promises to do. Instead of reducing fat in the targeted area the condition causes hardened masses to grow at the treatment site. These deformities can only be removed with surgery. And there are many reports of surgery not helping.

2. Under Eye Filler

If done incorrectly, under eye filler injections can cause permanent blindness. If the injector makes a slight mistake and inserts the needle into an artery, the dermal filler can close the artery. This is called an “arterial occlusion.” I recently had a case where a woman lost her vision, forever, in one eye because she suffered a retinal arterial occlusion after being injected with a filler in her eye trough area. This risk is just not worth it in my opinion.

3. Laser Hair Removal (For Darker Skin Tones) 

Lasers are very powerful medical devices that can be dangerous even in the hands of the most experienced physician. Unfortunately, in today’s world many medical spas do not have physicians, nurse practitioners, or physician assistants operating them. Instead, non-medical technicians often times are allowed to use laser hair removal devices on clients. People with darker skin tones are especially at risk for burns by lasers because of how these devices work. I have seen too many laser injuries, with the worst ones being on darker toned clients. Burns can turn into hyperpigmented (dark) or hypopigmented (light) marks that last long-term in some cases.

I must be clear that I am not against cosmetic procedures. When performed properly and by a competent practitioner, they are essential to our desire to look good. But these top three procedures I simply would not do because in my opinion, cons outweigh the pros.  

Good Luck. Stay Beautiful!


Cosmetic Procedure Injury Attorney

Louiza Tarassova, Esq.

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