Personal Injury, Property Damage, & Insurance Claims

Our founding attorney Louiza Tarassova primarily focuses her legal practice on Personal Injury, Property Damage, and Insurance Claims.  She represents clients from all over Florida, handling challenging cases with complex issues and obtain top compensation for our clients.  Attorney Louiza Tarassova  represents clients in the following types of cases:

Wrongful Death
Slip and Falls
Theme Park Accidents
Cosmetic Procedure Injuries
Med Spa Injuries
Amputation/ Severed Fingers and Limbs
Skin Infections
Shopping Center Injuries
Pedestrian and Bicycle Injuries
Property Damage
Insurance Claims 


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Family Law and DUI/Criminal Defense

As the result of our successful Personal Injury, Property Damage, and Insurance Claims practice  the our clients wanted our help in more areas of law. Due to this demand, in Fall 2018 Attorney Natalya Levchenko joined our law firm to represent clients in the areas of Family and Criminal Defense Law.

Attorney Natalya Levchenko concentrates her practice on the following matters:


Prenuptial Agreements

Postnuptial Agreements

Contested Divorces

Uncontested Divorces


Criminal Defense




If you have a Family Law or Criminal matter, call us today to schedule a consultation with our attorney at 1-855-554-6534. 

Business Legal Solutions

In addition to representing persons who have been injured or wronged, Attorney Louiza Tarassova has a relationship with an exclusive group of business clients who seek Attorney Tarassova’s counsel and experience in litigating torts and contractual disputes to ensure that they are conducting business in an accountable and responsible manner. Read more about our Business Law Practice.