Unlicensed Practice of Medicine at Med Spa Lawsuit


One of the biggest problems in the cosmetic procedure industry is the unlicensed practice of medicine. Med spas are hiring unqualified people to perform cosmetic procedures on patients, which results in serious consequences. Here are just a few types of injuries involving un-qualified cosmetic:

  • Burns from laser hair removal
  • Paradoxical Hyperplasia after CoolSculpting 
  • Loss of vision caused by dermal filler 
  • Facial scarring caused by RF Microneedling 
  • Facial fat loss after Radio Frequency (RF) Facial 

In July 2023, a woman passed away after receiving IV therapy at a med spa in Texas. The medical procedure was performed by an unlicensed person who was allowed to practice medicine. The med spa had a  licensed doctor (an anesthesiologist) who used his license to obtain medical products and equipment for the med spa. But, the doctor was completely absent from the med spa. In that case, the Board of Medicine temporarily suspended the doctor’s medical license, as it investigates the woman’s death.

Unfortunately, the circumstances surrounding this case are not unusual. As a Cosmetic Procedure Injury law firm, we see many injuries caused by unlicensed cosmetic procedure providers. In many of these cases, the injuries were serious and permanent. Sadly, in this case, the illegal practice of medicine at the med spa resulted in death.

LOU LAW has represented many clients who were injured because of questionable and even illegal practices at med spas around Florida. Before undergoing any medical cosmetic procedure, make sure that your provider has a license to practice medicine. Medical devices and injectable cosmetic products have serious adverse effects and must be used only by skilled and competent health care providers.  

If you want to learn more about your basic rights as a med spa patient, read this article

Stay safe, stay beautiful.

Link to the full story about the woman who died after receiving IV therapy at a med spa. 

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