Wrongful Death


Wrongful Death

If your loved one has died in a catastrophic event caused by a company’s or an individual’s negligence you have two (2) years under Florida law to file a lawsuit and recover compensation on their behalf.  This short time frame can put a lot of pressure on family members because they are forced to deal with legal issues while dealing with the grief of having lost someone they love.

It is important to talk to an attorney about your love one’s death early because an attorney can take immediate steps to preserve vital evidence, which may be destroyed or lost.  Wrongful death cases also require immediate involvement of an attorney so that your  lawyer can take statements from eye witnesses and collect important contact information from anyone that may have knowledge about the incident.

You may be able to recover loss of companionship, lifetime loss of wages, loss of personal services, and your own pain and suffering due to the untimely death of a loved one.

We understand that the grieving process goes far beyond the tragic event and wrongful death cases especially must be handled with compassion and care.  Our law firm will zealously represent you on your loved one’s behalf while providing a supportive environment so that you and your family can heal.

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