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With extensive litigation experience, representing the patient, our firm understands why patients sue. After years of representing cosmetic injury patients in cases and claims against medical spas, our firm has found that if only providers had proper safety protocols in place at their clinics, many injuries could have been avoided. Moreover, proper post-injury action can prevent an injury from turning into a lawsuit. Thus, adequate planning is key to any medical or cosmetic practice.

We value and support clinicians and physicians who care about their patients’ safety. Our firm’s knowledge and genuine interest in cosmetic procedures allows us to give providers valuable and practical legal advice on how to minimize liability and practice safely. Our attorney provides consultation, document review and drafting, and independent (without insurance company bias) post-incident guidance to medical spas and clinics.

If you are an owner of a medical spa, a practitioner, or a supervising physician who is interested in developing a patient safety plan for your cosmetic procedure practice to minimize your risk of exposure to liability, our attorney can help you establish a solid strategy for your practice. We work with medical spas to understand their specific practice and design an individualized safety system to safeguard against claims and lawsuits.

We provide the following services:

· Review of licensure requirements for support staff;

· Draft new informed consent forms;

· Review and revise manufacturer’s sample consent forms;

· Review and draft protocols (supervising physician and subordinate medical professionals);

· Draft patient agreement forms;

· Review and consult on pre-procedure consultation practices and procedures;

· Review and consult on adverse event/ incident protocol.

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