Our Story

In June 2012, Louiza Tarassova opened her own law practice that initially began as a full service law firm providing legal services to clients in a variety of common areas of law. The practice eventually became more focused on civil litigation. After several years of practice, the office received a call from a family that had gotten into a serious auto accident while on vacation in Orlando, Florida. The car accident was so severe that all four of the family members had to receive emergency care and two people spent several days in the hospital. The medical bills were high and the family needed an attorney to represent them in the claim against the at-fault party. After successfully litigating that case and obtaining great results for her clients, Louiza began receiving calls from other people who were injured and needed a Florida personal injury attorney to represent them. Louiza Tarassova began seeing that this type of legal work is very rewarding. She loved being able to make a difference in people’s lives by helping them recover from tragic accidents and life altering injuries. Eventually, the law firm grew into a successful contingency case practice which represents clients in cases involving Personal Injury, Property Damage and Insurance Claims.

Personal Injury, Property Damage, & Insurance Claims Practice 

Today we represent clients who have been injured as the result of botched cosmetic procedures, auto, truck, & taxi accidents, slip & falls, burns, negligent maintenance of properties, theme park injuries, and many others. We also have successfully recovered money for people whose claims were wrongfully denied by their own insurance companies, such as homeowner’s insurance and occupational accident insurance. Additionally, we represent people whose home or business properties have been damaged or destroyed by careless construction companies.

Our Promise to Our Clients

Our law firm prides itself in consistently succeeding for our clients. We value our clients’ trust in us and do everything possible to provide the best legal work for them. Our promise to our clients is to efficiently and effectively provide zealous legal representation in an effort to achieve the best results for them.

Call Us

If you have a legal matter you want to discuss with one of our attorneys, do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-855-554-6534. Your phone call will be taken by our Senior Paralegal who will collect all the necessary information and schedule your in-person appointment with one of our attorneys. We look forward to working with you!