CoolSculpting Injury Claims

Frequently Asked Questions

About CoolSculpting Injury Claims

Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about CoolSculpting claims. Please know that these are general answers that may not apply to every unique situation. 

1. I was injured by the CoolSculpting device. How can LOU LAW help me with my case?

Attorney Louiza Tarassova has broad knowledge about the CoolSculpting device, and the condition called Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH). She has extensive litigation experience relating to PAH after CoolSculpting claims. She has successfully resolved legal claims against various defendants responsible for CoolSculpting injuries. Our law firm will review your particular set of facts and determine whether you have a legal claim against any responsible party. Our firm files medical malpractice claims against negligent healthcare providers and advises clients on how to proceed with claims against the manufacturer.

2. I was diagnosed with PAH and my provider submitted a claim to the manufacturer of CoolSculpting (Allergan or AbbVie) and the manufacturer offered to pay for my corrective surgery. Should I accept the offer?

The decision to settle with any party is completely up to you, but you should understand that the amount offered to you by the manufacturer may be substantially less than the amount you are entitled to under the applicable laws. Also, by signing a release of liability agreement in exchange for the settlement amount offered to you by the manufacturer of CoolSculpting, you agree to give up your right to sue the manufacturer. Through this process, you may also be asked to sign a release that includes your CoolSculpting provider as a released party, which will preclude you from making a separate claim against your provider for your CoolSculpting injury. If you sign such a release, our firm will probably be unable to assist you. Due to the complexity of the issues involved, you should never sign any document before speaking with an attorney.

3. My plastic surgeon recommended that I undergo surgery and I want to fix the deformity on my body caused by CoolSculpting. Would getting corrective surgery affect my claim for damages in the future?

Undergoing corrective procedures before your legal claim is resolved will not negatively affect your case. In many cases, beginning treatment clarifies the true extent of the damages, both economic and non-economic. For example, if you undergo surgery and find that the PAH masses recurred after surgery or you had a complication, you will be able to include this in your legal claim against the responsible party. You should decide how to proceed with treatment based on a thorough discussion with your doctor(s).

4. Your firm is in Florida, but I was injured in another state. Can your firm still help me with my CoolSculpting injury claim?

Our firm frequently works with attorneys licensed in other states to assist clients who were injured outside the State of Florida. Due to our attorney’s expertise in CoolSculpting injury claims, she is frequently contacted by attorneys from all over the United States seeking advice on how to handle CoolSculpting injury cases. If your case requires local counsel, our firm will partner with out-of-state firms to represent you in your claims. If such a partnership is required, it will not affect your attorney’s fees.

5. I am having a difficult time finding a plastic surgeon that is experienced in treating PAH after CoolSculpting. Does your firm have a list of surgeons/doctors who may be able to help?

As a law firm, we focus our work on representing clients in legal matters, therefore we do not keep a list of healthcare providers. Although our firm is aware that many persons affected by PAH struggle to find knowledgeable and experienced providers who can diagnose and treat the condition, unfortunately, we are not in the position to recommend any particular physician or clinic. But a great resource for persons affected by PAH is the PAH After CoolSculpting Support Group on Facebook. There, members share their experience in treating PAH and exchange provider information. We recommend you join the group for further support.

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