Coverage Issues with Insurance Companies


Coverage Issues with Insurance Companies

If you buy any type of insurance coverage, you expect that the insurance company will cover your losses in case of an accident. Whether it is Homeowners Insurance, Occupational Accident Insurance, Medical Insurance or any other type of insurance, your rely on the fact that if an unforeseen event occurs, the insurance company will cover the economic losses which may have resulted from the event.

But unfortunately the process of making a claim with your own insurance company can sometimes feels like a battle, especially if the claim is for a big loss for which the insurance company is asked to pay a significant amount of money. The three most popular tricks the insurance companies like to play to avoid paying out claims are :

1. The Delay Game- The insurance company asks you to provide them with a bunch of information that does not seem relevant or related to the claim, information that may take you a while to gather and which is not readily available to you.
2. The Disappearance Act – The insurance adjuster may ignore your requests for information on the status of the claim, or completely disappear for weeks at a time, leaving you confused and unsure of whether the insurance company is planning on paying for your losses.
3. The Rejection Notice – The insurance company, after months of requesting irrelevant documentation and ignoring your requests for information on the claim, sends you a notice stating that it is denying coverage or will only pay you a small portion of what it is actually required to pay under the policy.

The whole point is to make the process so difficult that you will give up on pursuing the claim with your own insurance company. Insurance companies do not like to pay out on claims and actually have bonus structures and financial incentives for their employees who are able to “save” them money. Most of the time, if the insurance company does not seem to be cooperating, it probably means that it is hoping to get away with not paying out on the claim.

If you live in a larger city in Florida such as Miami, Tampa, Orlando, or Jacksonville you may experience greater difficulties dealing with insurance claims, since your insurance company gets a higher volume of claims from your area. Therefore, factors such as the insurance adjusters’ workload and the total amount of payouts per zip code may negatively affect your claim.

If your insurance company has wrongfully denied coverage for your loss you should speak to an attorney immediately. Many times an experience and knowledgeable lawyer can help resolve coverage issues or file a lawsuit in court to force the insurance company to pay for your losses.

Our law firm represents clients that have disputes with their own insurance companies. If you have questions regarding your claim, call us today at 1-855-GO-LEGAL.

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