Why Patients Sue Doctors – Avoiding Med Spa Liability

Taking simple steps can save providers big legal headaches and avoid exposure to lawsuits. There are two main components to avoiding med spa liability. The first is the provider’s pre-injury conduct, including proper consenting of a patient. The second is post-injury action. This article focuses on the latter. Part of my practice, as a cosmetic […]

Unlicensed Practice of Medicine by Facial Specialist at Med Spas

You may be surprised to know that as a Florida attorney specializing in cosmetic procedure injuries many of my cases are not against licensed healthcare providers. In fact, the majority of the lawsuits I file on behalf of my clients who suffered injuries from botched cosmetic procedures are against defendants practicing medicine without a license, […]

Eyelash Growth Serum Lawsuit

There are many eyelash growth serums currently on the market that promise to grow your lashes and make them appear darker and more beautiful. You may even have friends that have used these products, resulting in truly a miraculous effect. Unfortunately, the same ingredients that make your eyelashes grow can also cause serious and permanent […]

Med Spas Without Medical Pros

I want to address a very disturbing trend that I am seeing emerge in the medical spa world.  Patients are being treated by unqualified office staff at medical spas, with no supervision by any medical professionals. In my Cosmetic Procedure Injury practice, I have talked to a number of clients that report the same situation. […]


We have exciting news! The Law Office of Louiza Tarassova, P.A. is now, simply: LOU LAW. Why LOU LAW? We wanted a name that better reflects the feel and experience of our firm. Our goal was to have a brand that feels modern and refreshing and to have a logo that is clean, clear, and […]

Injecting Too Much Filler = Liability

First of all, I want to start by saying that I personally think that injectable cosmetic procedures are great. Botox and Dysport can effectively relax wrinkle-prone areas of the face and give eyebrows a slight and happy lift. Dermal fillers such as Juvederm and Restylane (or any other brand name) can dramatically enhance lips and […]

Low Medical Bills Do Not Mean Small Personal Injury

I have had substantial success in securing high personal injury settlements in cases with low medical bills. But even when the injury is unarguably substantial, it is a challenge to get the defendant or the insurance carrier to see the value of the case. I am also aware that many personal injury attorneys are reluctant […]

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