Top 5 Reasons to Hire a Woman Personal Injury Attorney in Florida


Let’s face it; most personal injury attorneys are men. Female attorneys are rare in the practice of personal injury for many reasons, but you may have a very big advantage to hiring a woman attorney for your personal injury case. Here are the TOP FIVE REASONS why you want to hire a woman attorney for your Florida personal injury case.

1.Trial Juries Love Them. Women attorneys are perfect for jury trials. If your female attorney knows what she is doing, her style will make the jury feel comfortable and the jurors will connect with her better than with a male attorney. This means that when it comes time to deliberate, the jurors are going be more agreeable with your female attorney’s proposed compensation award.

2. They Negotiating Big Settlements. Female lawyers are better at negotiating large settlements. Women by nature are better at approaching difficult problems in a creative way. In situations where your injury is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, it is your attorney’s job to convince the other lawyer to send the check. In order to do that, your attorney has to be patient and persistent, something that female lawyers do very well.

3. Intimate Injuries. Lawyers who are women are less intimidating when you have to explain very intimate and personal details about your injury. During your case, you will be requested to show your most intimate personal injuries to your attorney and discuss your emotional suffering with her. Women are more disarming and less intimidating, making the process much more comfortable for you.

4. They Get Attention. Women attorneys who practice personal injury get more attention because they are rare. If you go to the courthouse, you will see many black, gray, and tan suits walking around, the majority of them are men. When a woman walks into the courthouse, people pay attention! Therefore, when it comes time to make a legal argument to the judge, they listen carefully.

5. They Understand You. Female attorneys can empathize with you better than a male attorney. The most important aspect of an attorney-client relationship is an attorneys’ understanding of her client’s everyday struggles as a result of an accident or trauma. Women attorneys are the best at relating to their clients and understanding what the client is going through.

If you are looking for a woman attorney to win your personal injury case, call Louiza Tarassova today at 407-622-1885 or email to  She has a passion for beating large corporations at their own games and has most recently won a $250,000 jury verdict in Orlando, Florida against Pollo Tropical.  For more on that story click here.  

4 Responses
  1. I like how you said that a personal injury lawyer who is a woman draws a lot of attention and draws people to them. Getting that kind of attention could be really good because you could get additional support from other important people. That way you can have a higher chance of a successful court case.

  2. I apologize that it’s taken me this long, but I’d really like to thank you for the excellent counsel and representation you provided to me regarding my auto accident case. My husband feels the same. We’re both very thankful we didn’t have to go to trial, and feel very satisfied with the outcome.

  3. It’s good to know that female lawyers are less intimidating to explain personal details for your case. My sister was hit by a car the other day, and she wants to file a personal injury lawsuit. I’ll pass this information along to her so that she can look further into her options for hiring a female lawyer to help her be more comfortable while discussing her case.

  4. Thank you for explaining why you should hire a female personal injury attorney. My aunt recently got injured in a store and is wanting to file a claim. I will suggest that she hire a female personal injury attorney.

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